You already know that there are different types of saws in the market, such as a miter saw, chainsaw, scroll saw, band saw, jigsaw, circular saw, hand saw etc. among others. The moment you search the difference between a band saw and a Scroll saw, you get a list of saws and not a single type. You can easily get confused because the two types are similar, although not the same.

The essential thing to consider is the type of project you want to do with the saw. You also have to know the differences behind the scroll saw vs band saw to help you choose according to your needs. It is, therefore, the reason to read this scroll saw and band saw buying guide.

Budget or space might strain you when choosing the best saw. The decision you make will be tricky. It is great when you own the two saws. Both Band Saw vs. Scroll Saw have their strength and weaknesses to consider before making a final decision to buy bandsaw or scroll saw.

Scroll Saw

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

This type of saw looks similar to a sewing machine. When you’re using this type of saw, it moves up and down. To get the desired cut, take the piece you’re cutting in and out from your scroll blade. Scroll saw acts similar to sewing machine the way you push in and out of cloth as you design a specific pattern. Depending on the type of project, you can buy a scroll saw, but you get one with various types of blades. These blades should be narrow and thus not strong and robust as other options.

Scroll saw helps you in making intricate and delicate cuts. You will get a very finished edge. Besides, this type of saw is crucial when you want to make some design, such as an intricate sign or jigsaw puzzle. It also comes with a foot pedal to help you operate with your foot.

You can also use the scroll saw to make angled, round or straight cuts. An amazing thing with this type of saw is that you can remove a blade and return it at the half on your workplace. That helps you to make circles or other shapes for interior design. It is an advantage that you won’t find with other saws.

In addition, this type of saw is also safe. Since it is not that powerful compared to other models, you can purchase a portable scroll saw. As you use a pedal to operate, it is easy to remember what you’re doing to ensure you keep your hand far from its blades.  The prices of this type of scroll saws will vary depending on features and power; therefore, consider where to buy a scroll saw.


Band Saw Review

DEWALT Portable Band Saw

This type of saw is different from the scroll saw for various features. It is a large saw and helps you cut differently from the scroll saw, although you can get a small bandsaw. This type of saw does not move up and down, and it rotates on a band. It is also versatile, and you can use it for various purposes.

The band saw blades are more reliable compared to scroll saw blade because they use thicker blades. Therefore, they are faster to cut, although they cut be coarser. If you want to make super tight turns as scroll saw does, this type of saw is not what you need, but you can use a thick wood with this type.

Band saws are common to wood. After all, they are popular for use with furniture because they can easily make curved legs for chairs and tables. However, you can also use the Band saw to cut other materials. It works perfectly for angled and straight cuts. This type of saw is larger than a scroll saw, making it more powerful and rougher cuts. 

As this saw can cut straights and angles very well, you can use them to cut large pieces of plywood. It does not allow you to cut a piece of wood to create an inner circle as scroll saw does. This tool is great if you want to build furniture with it.

Safety is a major concern in the workshop, and therefore, this type of saw is dangerous because of its size and power. You have to pay attention while using it to ensure your hands are safe and have proper eye protection. For this type of saw, it also has a broad price category. However, when compared with the scroll saw, the band saw is more expensive.


The Top Five Differences Between Scroll Saw and The Band Saw

The two saws have similarities in their work. However, they also have some differences necessary to consider before purchasing any tool. Here are five differences:


If you need to make some intricate designs for projects, the ideal saw to use is the scroll saw.  It is the type of delicate saw using oscillating motion to offer you a professional and smooth finish. If you also like ornate and crafting projects, a scroll saw is a perfect choice. On the other hand, cutting thick materials, especially for professional and industrial purposes, needs a band saw. Even with a band saw, it is also possible to make angled, straight, and round cuts making the saw versatile. The only challenge is that you get rougher cuts.

Experience of use

The experience of using the type of saws is a major factor to consider before you can purchase. If you are using for the first time or want to teach your kids how they can work with tools, then a scroll saw is much safe. The band saw does not mean it is a dangerous saw you can find in the market, but the saw is also larger, louder, and powerful.


The price of the two is different but should not be a concern when making a decision. Professional woodworkers prefer having both types of the saw but not a reality to the homeowners. A band saw is preferred for construction type and woodworking projects.  But for making intricate crafts, a scroll saw is the one to choose.

Naturally, these two power tools cost a decent amount. A scroll saw tends to be less expensive, and that is why it’s preferred by DIYers and crafters. Brand saws, on the other hand, are more costly as they are for commercials and preferred by professionals.


The material size plays a vital role in the choice of saw you can use. For a scroll saw, it use thin and delicate blades, which are 8 inches long and ¼ inch thick. Therefore, the blade is not suitable to cut through thick pieces. For a band saw, on the other hand, it can easily cut thick materials up to 30 inches. However, you can use a scroll saw to get a wide range of cuts making it versatile. But for regular cuts, a band saw is more preferred.


When making circular and curved cuts, the ideal saw to use should be a scroll saw. You can also use it in making detailed cuts where you have to move the material around. However, when making straight cuts, it is preferred you use a band saw. However, with the band saw, you can’t make intricate or precise cuts as you would like them.


1. Which is better band saw or scroll saw?

It is challenging to choose and decide between the two types of saws because for a perfect world, it will be better to have these two saws. However, if you do a variety of projects, then it would be better to have both tools. In case you are working with more substantial and thicker materials, choosing a band saw will better because it is fast and powerful. A scroll saw is much preferred for real oriented crafters who want to work on intricate pieces.

2. What is a scroll saw suitable for?

A scroll saw is a perfect type of saw to use when you want to make straight, round, or even angles cuts. The fantastic thing is that with this type of saw, you can remove its blade where you have to insert art into the center of the workpiece. After you put it back, this saw can help you make circle curves at the interior or other shapes of your design. It is a feature not offered by other saws.

3. How thick can a scroll saw cut?

A scroll saw has small blades, and these blades have a width of less than 45 inches. They can, therefore, not cut thick materials and will be stuck at a thickness of more than 2 inches.

4. Who makes the best scroll saw blades?

There are various excellent brands in the market producing top-quality blades, but they are costly. You can get the best deal while shopping around. Some of these companies include DeWalt.

5. How do I choose a scroll saw blade?

When making circular and curved cuts, the ideal saw to use should be a scroll saw. You can also use it in making detailed cuts where you have to move the material around. However, when making straight cuts, it is preferred you use a band saw. However, with the band saw, you can’t make intricate or precise cuts as you would like them.

Final Verdict

Choosing between scroll saw vs band saw is confusing because their name sounds the same, and you might think it is one tool. But, these two have differences, and they are used to perform different tasks thoroughly. If you have read this post, you now know the difference between them. However, scroll saw are the perfect type of saw used in decorative projects to make numbers or wood letters.

For band saws, on the other hand, you use them to handle more significant projects such as cutting thick wood or making furniture. If you’re looking to purchase the saw to handle numerous wood projects, then it is wise to buy both types of saws. These saws are helpful if you want to start a company or you have a contractor job.

You can use a band saw while cutting wood, and then scroll saw to make the wood have a beautiful look, such as adding figures. Depending on the type of woodworking project, you can make a wise choice for the kind of saw. The decision you make will significantly contribute to your work efficiency.