How to Hold Logs While Cutting With Chainsaw

Cutting a log with the chainsaw is quite challenging if we do not know the procedure. We should know about the required equipment, safety gear, how to hold the log, etc.

If we can know the details, it would be helpful for users to get the perfect cut. Though the modern chainsaw is easy to use, we must follow the guideline before starting work.

If we know how to hold the log, we can efficiently complete our work without any hazards. 

Required Equipment:

Before starting work, we need to know how to choose the right equipment for the job. The equipment necessary for cutting the log with the chainsaw is given below:

1. Right Type of Chainsaw

Firstly, we need to decide on the chainsaw. The chainsaw has many variations. But most people use the gas chainsaw for 16’’ diameter cutting for long hours or remote work. If we work near home, then we can use an electric chainsaw. To know the best gas chainsaw, we can learn about our buying guide.

2. Size of Saw

For perfect cutting, we need to know the diameter of the log. According to the diameter, we can quickly determine the saw’s size and the necessary engine.

3. Fuel

Completing the process, we need enough fuel. For starting to work every time, it would be best to use fresh fuel. Otherwise, the chainsaw begins with trouble.

4. Claw Bar

For cutting a big log, the claw bar comes in handy. By using the claw bar, we can easily roll over a big log. When we need to cut your log from the underside, this procedure will help you.

5. Hammer or Sledge Hammer

Pounding of the wedge into the log is the first step of splitting logs. This sledgehammer is a useful tool to strike the wedge into the log.

Safety Equipment

It is a fact that every year much-unexpected accidents occur for careless activities during work. It is essential to wear the right safety equipment for protecting yourself. Though modern chainsaws are safer than before, using personal protective equipment is a wise step to avoid hazards. During using a chainsaw, we need to wear three leading safety equipment. They are-

1. Chainsaw Gloves

Chainsaw gloves are essential. Here I give some examples of your understanding. Sometimes the chains can be broken and hit back into your hand. On the other hand, you can lose your balance or chainsaw kickback in hand. Wearing chainsaw gloves help to protect your hand.

Another vital role of a chainsaw is anti-vibration. To operate the chainsaw, it reduces the pressure in hands and arms.

2. Chainsaw Helmet

The Chainsaw helmet is pretty unique. It protects the head and face from accidents. The addition of a face shield and ear protection has an important feature. As the chainsaw has a compact engine, it makes noise. To protect against ear loss, you need to use a chainsaw helmet, especially for an extended period.

When you cut the wood with a chainsaw, sawdust is produced. Sawdust creates a problem in the lung with inhaling air and also in the eye. The face shield protects from any accident.

3. Chaps

Chaps are vital safety equipment. It consists of the outer layer, durable slippery material, and inner fibrous layer.

Clear the Area Around the Log:

After falling down the tree, branches are scattered everywhere. This situation may cause an accident. Also, you can not work comfortably. That’s why before starting to cut the log, you need to clear the area around the log.

Log Holding Procedure During the Cut :

For perfect cutting, we need to know how to hold a log. The procedure of holding is described below:

We can follow two types of cutting methods. They are-

Cutting From the Ground

If the trunk is near the solid ground, we can cut it in this position. To avoid rolling, we need to use a wedge. Try to follow a warning that does not cut into the ground to protect the surface. Also, the chain can be blunt. Follow the instructions below-

  1. At first, running the saw at low speed;
  2. Position at the marked area on the trunk;
  3. Saw 3/4 of the trunk;
  4. Repeating at every marked section;
  5. Rotating the trunk 180 degrees;
  6. Finishing the cut sawing through the opposite side.

Cutting From a Support

We can use support for cutting a log in three ways –

Log Supported on One End

In this process, one end is supported, and the other end is on the air. First, we should cut from the underside to the top of 1/3 of the trunk. Then cut from the top to the first cut. In this way, it helps to squeeze the cutting area. When the cutting portion is ready to fall, ensure that you are not in line with the fall.

Log Supported on Both End

In this process, the log is supported on both ends, and the middle is on the air. First, we can try from the top of 1/3 of the wood. Next, try to cut from the underside to the first cut. Be very careful during the cutting from the under. Because the saw pushed back towards you. So, it would help if you focused on the force so that the saw can not hurt yourself.

The log is on a Hill

When we work in the hill area, we always try to stand up a log’s hill. After finishing the cut, when the log is rolling, make sure that it will not hit or hurt you. One more thing is to be careful to hit the saw head into the ground.


These tips will help to make firewood at home. Generally, the length of the firewood length is 16 inches. This size is suitable for any stove and fireplace. Sometimes the size of a log is 24 inches, which may be used for commercial woven stoves. For maintaining the chainsaw, these three tips are followed:

  1. Using the recommended fuel types and ratio;
  2. Keeping the saw sharpen and tension;
  3. Ensuring saw guards/shields are fastened all time.


To cut the log, we can apply a different procedure. In this article, I try to describe the holding procedure during the cut with a chainsaw. I also try to discuss some tips with you. I hope that the method and tips will help you to fulfill your required work.

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