Best Chainsaw under 200 | Buying Guide and Reviews 2020

A chainsaw is a portable machine that cuts with a sharp-edged metallic set of teeth attached to a rotating chain. The rotating chain is attached along a guide bar. It is used for pruning trees, cutting down trees, harvesting firewood and also cutting the timber from trees.

Because of their importance, there are many of them in the market. You can get affordable once from the list of the best chainsaw under 200 which we are going to cover in this article.

We have given you detailed reviews on some of the most recommended chainsaws that are affordable on the market. We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you make a wise decision.

Best Chainsaw under 200 Reviews

The market has different types of chainsaws. This means that it can be tough to know which one will suit your cutting needed. To help you make the right choice, check out detailed reviews of our top best models that provide you with reliable performance in all your projects.

BLACK+DECKER LCS 1240​ 20V Max Lithium-Ion ChainSaw is a 12-inch chainsaw that is among the best chainsaws. This chain saw is made by the Black & Decker Company. This Chain saw has a long-lasting 20v lithium battery which ensures it operates well. It also comes with a charger for charging purposes.

Similarly, the improved oiling system is made with professionalism to ensure greater results. The boiling system is made efficient through the presence of gauge to measure the oil level. This gauge helps one to be able to control/manage the oil level to avoid wastage.

Besides that, it has Lightweight design reduced due to the light material it is made from. It weighs around 7.5 pounds. With this chainsaw fatigue and tiredness are reduced. This helps to assure increased comfort to do large tasks of work without getting exhausted. You just need a small amount of energy to control the chainsaw.


  • The Sharp blades help to increase the cutting quality.
  • This chainsaw saves the time used for cutting.
  • Reduces manpower due to the easy adjustment of the chains.
  • It is affordable and pocket-friendly.
  • It by far simplifies the rate of doing work.


  • If exposed to children it might be very dangerous,
  • The acid in the battery is very collusive. 

2. Cordless Chainsaw || Black and Decker 40v Chainsaw

Unlike the previous chainsaw, the BLACK + DECKER 4OV MAX Cordless Chainsaw is 12-inch long. It also has a higher engine strength of 40V which two times the previous chainsaw it. This saw is suitable for pruning branches and also cutting fallen limbs.

It also comes with a 40 V Max Lithium-ion battery. This battery works for a long time under a few hours of charging. For only 4-5 hours till full charge, you can be able to undertake a large amount of work. The chains also provide smooth and very fast cuts.


  • Pocket-friendly for it has an affordable cost.
  • It comes with a manual to help one operate it successfully.
  • This chainsaw is easy to use and requires a few hours of charge.
  • The durability of the chainsaw is high
  • It increases the rate of work for the blades are very sharp and long-lasting.


  • It requires a specialized person to repair it.
  • This chain saw requires an experienced person to avoid accidents.

3. WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp Review

This electric chainsaw from WORX combines the utility of a cordless with an efficient cutting ability to make your hardest projects feel very easy. It has an enhanced 18” bar which is slightly longer than most products, and this extra length makes the saw very easy to handle when cutting and it gives less vibration and removes all possibility of slipping off the hand.

The product manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty, so using this product gives peace of mind in case it breaks down (highly unlikely), or you encounter any malfunction, you can return the product and get another.


  • Less noisy and zero-emission
  • Safety button to avoid accidental starting
  • Lightweight reduces fatigue
  • Safety chain stop and low kickback bar


  • Only used for minimal jobs

4. BLACK + DECKER Electric Chainsaw 18 inch

The BLACK + DECKER Electric chainsaw is an Electric chainsaw compared to the other chainsaws above. It is operated by a powerful 15 Amp motor. Its electric nature makes it provide the strength needed to perform any cutting task easily without any difficulties. This motor increases the rate of doing work compared to the other best chainsaw for milling operated by battery.

It also features Lightweight which makes it easy to cut with all types of forms. The lightweight also makes it be portable from one place to another without any difficulty/fatigue. A clear window allows one to view oil levels. This makes it easy to control the levels of oil. One is able to know when to add or when not to.


  • Designed with non-slip handles to prevent sliding while in work.
  • Compared to other brands of similar chainsaw it is cheaper.
  • Portable due to its lightweight.
  • Durable and long-lasting and more powerful.
  • Comes with additional spare parts in case of replacement required.


  • If not well covered it might cause electrical shocks.
  • It wears out if used to cut heavy objects like metallic.

5. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 10-Inch (LCS1020)

This saw features of the 20V max Lithium battery for longer life. It stays charged for almost 5 times more than other brands. It is a product of the prestigious Black Decker Cooperation. The chainsaw comes packed with Lithium batteries in every package. The Blades are made from stainless material to avoid stains and rust.

This chainsaw weighs a weight of only 7.2 pounds. This is very light compared to the rest. This Lightweight design for easier maneuverability. It becomes easy to cut the trees from any place as you don’t have to worry about the weight of the chainsaw itself.

Additionally, the improved oiling system is very efficient. This is especially with the automatic. The durable materials used to make it increase the toughness of the chainsaw when undertaking a certain set of work.


  • Tough chainsaw so it doesn’t break easily.
  • Great performance due to the adjustable chains
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • The chain saw is made from light materials hence portable.
  • Has vents for fresh air entry for combustion purposes


  • If not properly maintained it might cause some malfunctions.
  • It is not advisable for beginners.

This chainsaw has a patented free Auto tension system which helps to prevent over-tightening of the chain to avoid breaking. This feature helps to keep the optimal chain tension while cutting. The comfort of the saw makes it be practical for all types of usage.

This saw can be used both for domestic and commercial purposes as per the desire. It comes with an automatic Chain lubrication technic. With this, you need to worry less, about the moveable parts of the saw.

You don’t need to carry grease around with you. In the long run, the moveable parts remain durable for a longer period of time. With this tool, sawing on any branches becomes a guarantee and there is satisfaction in operating it. If you get this saw you are good to go to achieve great milestones in pruning and cutting trees.


  • The blade does not rust for they are made from stainless materials.
  • Increased safety with the Auto tensioning feature.
  • Increased activity due to sharp and powerful teeth.
  • Greater performance one can be able to sharpen the blades more.
  • It offers overall assurance and impressive protection.
  • It comes with additional spare parts in the package.


  • It needs to be placed/stored away from children’s reach

Considerations to Take When Choosing the Best Chainsaw.

When you are buying any tool, you need to pay attention to different considerations that will help you pick the most suitable tool. After all, you don’t want to end up with a chainsaw that doesn’t meet your requirements. The following are some of the most important things that you should consider when purchasing a chainsaw.

Guide bar length
First, important consideration is the size of the guide bar. The guide bar is a very important part/component of the chainsaw. The guide bar is, in fact, the part that determines the amount of work a chain saw can do. It is the part which the chain is placed on. Hence it very important in ensuring you choose that length which will give you maximum results.

The best choice of the length which will suit is determined by what amount of work is going to be carried out. For instance, when cutting big size of trees, you will need a chain saw with a long guide bar. On the other hand, activities like pruning require a chain saw with a small guide bar. Therefore, when buying a chainsaw consider the usage. If it is for commercial use choose a long one if it is for basic task choose a small one.

The Purpose of the Chain saw
Another important consideration to consider when buying a chainsaw is the purpose of the chainsaw. When buying a chainsaw, it is very important to consider the purpose of the chain saw. This is because different chain saw are used for different purposes. There are very many brands of chain saws which serve different purposes. You then need to choose wisely.

The steps to take in deciding a chainsaw to buy into consideration to purpose are. First, determine the purpose of the saw is it for commercial purposes or for domestic use. Secondly, look and compare on the chainsaw brand for that purpose. Compare them for the best option to choose from. In the process, you will end up getting the right one.

The Power type & Engine Strength
Power type and strength are similarly important consideration. When we look at the power type we are considering which type of power is used by the chain saw. The type of power can either be Electric or gas power.  For heavy work and it is advisable to use an electric one. An Electric chain saw is also better in places where Environmental conservation is required. Similarly, those with chest problem should opt for electric ones.

When it comes to strength it is measured in Volts (V). This is the strength which the engine has. For heavy work consider using a chainsaw with higher volts. This is because it is more efficient. This is especially commercial work. For domestic purposes, an average one is better due to noise pollution. You, therefore, should look at the feature to check if the strength is convenient.

Price & cost
Consequently, you need to consider the pricing of the chainsaw. This is in the aim to ensure you buy something which suits your pocket. Whereby you will not have to dig deep into your pocket so as to own one. Therefore, before deciding which helmet to buy ask yourself this question. Can I afford it? If yes, then you can go on to purchase it. For this reason, consider a Road Helmet whose cost is pocket-friendly.

In view of this, you should consider the price of a chainsaw before buying one. This will help you make a financial decision whether to buy it or not. At the same time do not compromise on the quality of the chainsaw in a bid to save money. It is worth you to buy something which is quality.

So, your budget should not limit you acquire the right tools. With less than 200 bucks, you can get a quality chainsaw that gives impressive cutting results. You can also buy the best jigsaw under 100 to add in your line of tools.

Brand Type
The brand of a chainsaw is similarly a significant consideration when you are making a purchase.  There are many brands of chainsaw and you don’t want to settle for a brand that is not known of the market. Due to the fact, all brands cannot function the same. Even though these brands serve the same purposes their functioning might differ.

Some chainsaw brands are long-lasting while others are not. Others are strong while others are not. Some brands are for pruning others are for cutting. You need to consider are these options and choose the best. A good brand is long lasting and also powerful.  You, therefore, should choose a brand which works just as you want it to. You need to ask yourself if a certain brand is going to accomplish your needs. If yes you are good to go.

Final Verdict

As we have seen, a chain saw is an important tool that simplifies the rate of doing work. There are many chainsaws of which many are very expensive. Despite that, there are also those which are of high quality but low price. They deserve the title best chainsaw under 200 for their quality. They have stood for a long time and their quality has continued to be the best.

For a chainsaw, you need to consider the factors we have looked at. These are Guide bar length, Purpose of the Chain saw, Power type & Engine Strength, Price & cost Brand. If you consider this factor you will absolutely have the best choice of a chainsaw. If you consider are these guides you will find cutting down trees and pruning easier than you thought.

Additionally, if you are considering buying the best band saw under 300, provides you with detailed reviews and guide to help you select the right tools for your workshop.

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